With the start of the school year, our roads will once again see an increase in traffic around school zones. Drivers must be extra vigilant and mindful of their speed in these areas. School zones are designated to ensure the safety of children entering and exiting school premises, and adhering to the speed limits is a fundamental part of that safety equation.


Illuminated Signs and Speed Cameras – A Double Layer of Safety:

To further enhance safety measures, many school zones are equipped with illuminated signs to warn drivers of their entry into these crucial areas. At Walkabout Services, we go a step further by installing speed cameras in some of these zones. These cameras act as an additional layer of safety, deterring speeding and promoting a safer environment for everyone.


Recent Installation in Raceview, QLD:

Over the weekend, our dedicated team at Walkabout Services completed the installation of an illuminated sign with a speed camera in Raceview, Queensland. This installation aims to reinforce the importance of slowing down in school zones, providing an added layer of safety for the community’s children.

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Be Safe, Avoid Tickets:

It’s a moral obligation to ensure the safety of our future generation. Speeding in these areas not only poses a threat to children but also risks hefty fines with the presence of speed cameras. Be safe, be responsible, and avoid getting a ticket by adhering to the designated speed limits.


As we gear up for the school year ahead, let’s collectively prioritise the safety of our children. Slowing down in school zones is a simple yet impactful way to contribute to the well-being of our community. Walkabout Services remains committed to enhancing safety measures, one installation at a time. Stay informed, drive responsibly, and let’s create a safer environment for everyone on our roads


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