Dogging and Rigging Services in Brisbane

Professional Dogging & Rigging Services in Brisbane

Dogging Rigging Services

Walkabout Services prides itself in continual training matched with practical onsite experience, so rest assured that the job will go smoothly. For big or small dogging and rigging projects, there’s no better team than Walkabout Services.

All our riggers and doggers are selected by practical experience across many roles and situations and then further tested before being sent out on site. Our operators also have their high-risk work licences, letting them take on complex and specialised tasks.

Whether you need to relocate heavy machinery, need to dog your load for a crane, or need riggers to erect steel, or work platforms for mast climbers, Walkabout Services have all your lifting and load moving needs covered, wherever you are in Brisbane. Our Riggers and Dogman hold current qualifications and are covered under our Public Liability Insurance.

Brisbane’s Best Dogging and Rigging Service Providers

Looking for a qualified team to perform dogging and rigging operations on your project? You’ve come to the right place. Our team is packed with fully licensed experts who have been trained in advanced dogging and rigging procedures in Brisbane. 

Whether it’s a massive long-term project or a simple short-term one, our Walkabout Service team can get the job done efficiently at competitive rates. 

Reach out to our team and learn what our operators can do for your project.

Professional Rigging Services

Rigging is a process of understanding how to most effectively, safely, and reliably move a load and selecting the appropriate equipment for the job. Moving mechanical loads can be complex and requires operators who are appropriately qualified and licensed, so you want to use the best rigging and lifting services in Brisbane, which Walkabout Services provide.

Our licensed riggers can move equipment, erect structural and materials, install safety nets and static lines, erect mast climbing personnel platforms, install and maintain crane loading bay platforms, and much more. For all your rigging needs, Walkabout has the best professionals for the job.

Reliable Dogging and Lifting Services

Dogging is a process of moving a particular load by selecting the optimal slinging technique and equipment. Our dogman take into consideration the weight and centre of the gravity of the load to select the best sling for the job. Our dogman are qualified to choose and examine lifting gear, use professional techniques to sling loads, direct a crane operator in moving loads, and much more.

Whatever your dogging and rigging lifting needs are, get in contact with the team today to find out what we can do for you.

Qualified and Experienced Brisbane Dogging Rigging Operators

With plenty of onsite practical experience, you will have peace of mind knowing you are getting the best, most reliable dogging rigging service in Brisbane with Walkabout Services. Our riggers and dogman receive continuous training, ensuring they can handle all your rigging and dogging needs professionally and reliably. From basic rigging jobs to more complicated projects requiring a high level of skill and expertise – we’ve got you covered.

You can depend on Walkabout Service for excellent, unbeatable dogging rigging service. Our staff are covered under our Public Liability Insurance and have up-to-date qualifications and training.

Licensed Professionals At Your Service

Our skilled operators have undergone intensive training, making them qualified to work in different environments at various proficiency levels.

  • Trained for advanced slinging techniques
  • Additional training on crane operations 
  • Comprehensive inspections of gears
  • Fully licensed and insured 
  • Constant training and renewing of licence

Our team is more than happy to provide assistance and quality services for your dogging and rigging job, wherever it is in Brisbane or nearby areas.

Why Choose Walkabout Services for Dogging and Rigging Projects in Brisbane?

  • Licensed, insured, and experienced team of doggers and riggers who receive ongoing training.
  • Reliable, efficient, and effective service
  • Safe practices
  • Friendly and Accommodating Customer Service
  • Competitive prices on dogging and rigging services in Brisbane

Safety is a Top Priority

Our team understands the working environment poses more risks and dangers. Hence, workplace health and safety practices are put in place. The experts not only get the job done efficiently but also make sure safety protocols are observed and practiced at all times. Experience and training have prepared our staff to keep themselves and others safe during the entire operation.

Our tickets are always updated, including a high-risk work licence (HRWL) issued by Work Place Health and Safety QLD (WHSQ).