Mechanical Fit Ups

All State & Federal Regulations are met in Operation and Safety.


  • Work Method Statements
  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Drivers/Operators Manuals
  • Safety Check Sheets
  • Lifting Equipment Registers
  • Vehicle Logs
  • Maintenance & Fatigue Programs

Current Licenses

(C) Car & (R) Motorcycle

(MC) Heavy Vehicle

Multi Combination Includes:

  • Heavy Combination
  • B-Double & Road Train (2 or more trailers)

Other Certifications/Qualifications– QLD Australia

  • (LF) Fork Lift Truck
  • EWP- (VL, SL, BL)
  • Vertical Lift
  • Scissor Lift
  • Boom Lift (all self propelled)
  • (WP) Work Platform– 11mtr or more boom
  • (DG) Dogger (Dogman’s)
  • (RA) Advanced Riggers
  • (CV) Vehicle Loading Crane with more than 10t to the metre capacity or more
  • (C6) Slewing mobile crane with 60t or less capacity
  • (CO) Slewing mobile crane (any) over 100t

Queensland General Safety Induction Blue Card


We are licensed to perform High Risk Work

  • First Aid
  • Certificate III- Process Plant Operations
  • Permit To Works Holder: Gas/Oil Industry
  • Gas Test Atmospheres Certified