So, you have a construction project that requires your team to hire a Crane Truck? Walkabout Services is the right place for you. Since our origins in 1994, we have built a reputation setting the benchmark for Crane Truck Hire Brisbane. 

In this article, we will detail factors that you must consider before hiring a crane truck.

Consider if you need any extras

Before going forward with your Crane Truck Hire, it would be best if you factor in if you need any extra equipment to make your lifting task easier ( such as Steel Plates). If you are unsure or need a second opinion, Please consult our very qualified team here at Walkabout Services who would be more than happy to help you. 

What is the Weight of the load?

You must first find out what the weight of your load is before going forward with your Crane Truck Hire. Most Crane Truck Hire Brisbane give charts detailing the load capacity of each Crane Truck, then you can pick one that suits your needs.

It’s important not to forget that you need to deduct the weight of all rigging accessories for the weight of your load to stay within the limits of your Crane Truck.

What is the Height of the load?

When hiring a Crane Truck, It’s important to factor in the height of your load as well. 

The load charts (as previously mentioned) will show the capacity and Boom length of your chosen Crane Truck. If you’re unclear what the Boom length is, it refers to the spar supporting the tackle. The Radii of the Boom and its load weight capacity play integral parts to keeping the truck stable. 

Different Cranes have different uses and specifications, so if you’re unsure on which one you need, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Here at Walkabout Services, we do not hire out Crane Trucks without our own Professional Operators. This is due to the numerous health and safety concerns that are raised when moving heavy objects. All our Operators are fully licensed and trained to operate heavy machinery.

Another point is to make sure that your construction zone is a safe place for crane truck operators to work! 

If you need a crane truck to do some heavy lifting and moving for you, we have the best fleet and operators for the job. Our trucks are safety compliant, cost-effective, and managed by highly experienced and trained operators. With our trucks, we offer specialised transportation solutions that are flexible for any and all heavy-lifting you need to do, seven days a week.